Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vincent & Chloe...

Date : 11th September 2011
Location : Ipoh
Photographer : Crews of KyenRoon Photography -Jimmy & Abbie

Congratulation to Vincent & Chloe..Vincent is very handsome & Chloe is very beautiful..They are really a perfect match..:) We are very happy as last year Vincent's brother - Carter hired us for his wedding shooting, this year, Vincent gave us this opportunity again to shoot for his big day..Thanks a lot..:)

The event started with a "Fast & Furious" theme..:) It was very grand & excited..During the dinner, there was a surprise to every guest..Guess what?? LADY GAGA is coming to the event!! :P

All the brothers & sisters danced with the song of Poker Face!!When entering to chorus, Vincent & Chloe appeared and danced together..What a joyful dinner!!

Below are some highlights of the day. :P